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Who We Are

A Distinct Identity

Beauty 180, Inc Renewed Mindset, New opportunities! from the inside out...



Making A Difference

Beauty 180 Program: Partner with organizations and small business owners to provide: Financial consulting and coaching/ Life planning Professional/ career development training Apprenticeship to Job Placement programs for budding entrepreneurs Credit enhancement and/ or repair Beauty services, such as makeup, hair services, spa, & nail services, and image consulting to maintain wellness Personal development/ life coach/ counseling services in group and accountability buddy settings to ensure mental and emotional wellness


We believe in speaking up for those without a voice. Our advocacy is empowering others and championing the causes that matter most. Let's continue to raise our voices together.



Our community is one that is built on commitment - the commitment of each and every individual to build and foster a safe, nurturing environment for everyone. We strive to be a community that honors solidarity, respect, collaboration, and positivity. In order to reach our shared goals of inclusivity and harmony, we must continually reinforce and renew our commitment to each other and our community. Fostering strong communication channels between individuals creates a community grounded in understanding and trust. Good communication will allow us all to take pride in protecting the foundation we have fostered over the years while making sure that it continues growing so that future generations may benefit from it or even improve upon what we have achieved.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain


Contact:  Beauty 180, Inc

Raleigh NC

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